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Using the Template Explorer

From my experience, one of the lesser used features of SQL Studio Management Studio is the Template Explorer.  Over the next few days I will give some samples of what I use it for on a daily basis.

But first we must cover how to use it!

Open up your SSMS and either press Ctrl-Alt-T or click on View –>Template Explorer as seen below:


A new window should appear on the side of your SSMS which looks like:


Here you can see all of the pre-configured ones setup by Microsoft.  These are fun but what is important is YOU.  At the top right-click “SQL Server Templates” and select New->Folder.

Name this new folder whatever you want. *tip* prefixing it with a numeric will keep it at the top of the list.  *Note — you will have to close out of SSMS and reload to see this take effect.

Now if you take your new folder and right-click, you can do New->Template.  This creates a new file.  See the below image if you are having issues.


Once you click edit you are presented with a regular query window.  You can type whatever you want in this window and save it.  The information will be persisted inside your SSMS any time you open it.  No more hunting for scripts all over your desktop!

Now say you have them all setup at your work place and want to take them home?

Navigate to:

C:\Users\“PUT_MachineUser_HERE”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Shell\Templates\Sql

You can copy all of your scripts, very easily.

Questions?  Comments?  Leave a message!